Wildlife Management University Degrees

Some park rangers have degrees in wildlife management.

University programs in wildlife management prepare students to work in a variety of settings, including governmental parks and agencies, nonprofit conservation groups, game preserves and on large rural estates. They train students in wildlife farming, ecotourism and wildlife population control. Wildlife management is an academic subject offered in universities and colleges in various parts of the world.

Delaware State University

Delaware State University (desu.edu/wildlife-management) has a bachelor of science degree program in wildlife management that emphasizes practical experiential learning. Students majoring in wildlife management participate in research and conservation projects through the College of Agriculture. Wildlife management majors learn professional skills and knowledge in the areas of wildlife biology, genetics and zoology, habitat and species protection, water and soil conservation and global economic factors that impact wildlife. The university also offers a specialty option in fisheries. Approximately 15 percent of the university’s undergraduate wildlife management students proceed to graduate study.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech (rw.ttu.edu) has a bachelor of science degree program in wildlife and fisheries management, with a wildlife management track option. Students earn their degree after acquiring a working knowledge of wildlife ecology and biology, and population and habitat management. Completion of the program qualifies a student as a game biologist, or wildlife manager, consultant or biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources (crk.umn.edu) has a bachelor of science degree program in natural resources with a wildlife management emphasis. Students who elect this emphasis focus their study on terrestrial and wetlands habitats with some emphasis on fisheries management. Graduates are eligible to work within government agencies or in private conservation organizations.

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University of Pretoria, South Africa

The University of Pretoria (web.up.ac.za) has trained graduate students in wildlife management since 1965 with more than 550 postgraduate degrees awarded. The University’s Center for Wildlife Management is part of the University Department of Animal and Wildlife Science and trains students in wildlife conservation and management. Students with a science degree in biology, agriculture or veterinary sciences are eligible to apply to enroll for degree programs at the center.

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University (cfr.msstate.edu) offers a wildlife, fisheries and aquaculture major within the College of Forest Resources, with an option in wildlife management. The program can lead to certification as a wildlife biologist by The Wildlife Society. The four-year bachelor of science degree program includes a summer field program between the sophomore and junior year. Mississippi State also offers a master’s of science with emphasis in wildlife. Graduate programs require a thesis or dissertation.

University of Aberdeen, Scotland

University of Aberdeen (abdn.ac.uk) offers a four-year single honors program in wildlife management. Aberdeen’s program has opportunities for expeditions, voluntary overseas work and study abroad placements. Field courses in land use and in zoology are compulsory, and students arrange a period of work experience.