Wildlife Ecology & Biology In Oklahoma Colleges

Discovering the natural environment of Oklahoma is part of the learning experience for students in the biological and environmental sciences.

With habitats for endangered species diminishing and pollution often threatening to overwhelm the world’s natural resources, the need for experts in the areas of wildlife management, ecosystems and plant and animal biology is greater than ever before. If your academic interest lies with the preservation of animal species and their habitat, you can choose from various options in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University‘s department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management offers students the opportunity to specialize in areas such as forest conservation, fisheries, range land and wildlife. Those choosing the wildlife option can expect to take classes in diverse areas of study including soil science, habitat, natural resources and human dimension. OSU’s main campus is in Stillwater and it has three satellite campuses with a total student population of over 33,000. The University has a vibrant atmosphere with athletic teams competing in the Big 12 Conference and annual celebrity events such as the Orange Peel.

Cameron University

Through its Department of Biological Sciences, Cameron University, in Lawton, provides research and learning opportunities to students in the areas of animal and plant biology. This broad-based approach includes foundational studies such as organismal biology, cell biology and chemistry. Southwest Oklahoma’s largest four-year university (with a student population of about 6,000,) Cameron offers small class sizes and many student organizations which are active in the community. The school has over 70 endowed faculty positions and its Department of Physical Sciences is certified by the American Chemical Society.

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Northeastern State University

Northeastern State University’s Department of Natural Sciences presents its biology students with the option of concentrating in fish and wildlife studies. This plan of study includes coursework in limnology (lake studies), forest botany and environmental physiology. With over 9,000 students, Northeastern State is the fourth-largest four year university system in Oklahoma. It is a major destination for students from the Cherokee and other Oklahoma tribes and offers many cultural and educational resources for the American Indian community.

Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma City University offers through its Department of Biology an Environmental Studies major for undergraduates. Students in this program engage in interdisciplinary research, drawing on the resources of faculty in the areas of geology, chemistry, political science and economics. The focus is on practices of sustainability and scientific assessment and analysis of the impact of human beings on the environment. The University is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and offers many service and learning opportunities and student-led groups.