Where To Find Indian Arrowheads In Idaho

While collecting is illegal, there are still many places to find arrowheads in Idaho.

Arrowheads are unique relics that provide insight into the daily lives and habits of Native Americans. Despite legal restrictions upon discovery and ownership, people in Idaho still have ways of displaying these artifacts.


In Idaho, retrieving arrowheads from natural settings is illegal. In 1984, the Protection of Graves citation ruled that all discovered artifacts must be reburied or fines of up to $10,000 could be levied. This means arrowhead hunters must look to approved venues to find the artifacts.


Many museums in Idaho offer collections of arrowheads for study. The Ketchum-Sun Valley Historical Society-Heritage and Ski Museum features exhibits centered on archeology and Native Americans. The Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology focuses on the places where arrowheads are found. Additionally, the Cambridge Museum has exhibits specifically focused on Native Americans and their artifacts.

Ketchum-Sun Valley Historical Society-Heritage and Ski Museum

Washington Ave. and 1st St.

Ketchum, ID 83340



Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology

2455 Old Penitentiary Road

Boise, ID 83712-8254



Cambridge Museum

15 N. Superior St.

Cambridge, ID 83610



The arrowhead enthusiast who wants a souvenir to take home is not out of luck. There are artifact dealers who can legally sell arrowheads and other ancient artifacts. Multiple dealers across the country can be found at www.arrowheads.com. Many museums sell replicas in their gift shops as well.

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