Where To Find Gold & Gems In Georgia

Gold and gems in Georgia continue to entice miners from all around the world.

Georgia is one of many states where you could conceivably find gold to this day. According to GoldMaps.com, “Georgia is one of the nation’s best states for gold prospecting, gold panning, treasure hunting and rockhounding.” The state has a rich history of gold and gem mining that dates back to the 1820s. Today, both commercial venues and off-the-beaten-path locations provide any skill level of miner the chance to strike it rich.

Gold n Gem Grubbin

For families and novice miners in search of a destination, look no further than Gold n Gem Grubbin (goldngem.com) located in North Georgia in the city of Cleveland. This facility provides anyone the opportunity to learn about gold and gem mining in a safe and comfortable environment. The staff is learned in the field of geology and enjoys helping customers discover and transcribe their finds. The property encompasses seven acres of land and was recently featured on the television show “Cash and Treasures.”

Consolidated Gold Mines

Located in Dahlonega, Georgia, the Consolidated Gold Mines (consolidatedgoldmine.com) offers tours of historic mines in the area and assistance with finding gems or gold. According to their website, Dahlonega “is the site of the largest hardrock gold mine east of the Mississippi River” and is now home to a family friendly mining park that also houses a gift shop. Consolidated Gold Mines offers group rates and specializes in childhood entertainment. For older adults, they supply the opportunity to discover real gold and gems.

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Crisson Gold Mine

Also in Dahlonega, Georgia is the family owned and operated Crisson Gold Mine (crissongoldmine.com). This one differs in that it is still an open pit mine used until the 1980s by professional miners. Today you can mine for gold and opt to bring the unrefined ore home yourself or have the staff at the Crisson mine crush the rock in search of your gold. The Crisson mine also sells ore in 5-gallon buckets to save you the trouble of venturing into the pit mine.

Duke’s Creek Gold and Ruby Mine

North Georgia’s town of Helen is home to Duke’s Creek Gold and Ruby Mine (dukescreek.com). Come tour the site for free and mine for gold with the assistance of the professionals from Duke’s. You can hunt for a range of gem stones in the hills of North Georgia, also. Purchase Native American jewelry, mining supplies or souvenirs for the family at the gift shop. In addition, Duke’s will assist you in refining and setting your discoveries after you’ve returned from the pit mine.