When To Plant Soybeans In Northern Kansas

Soybean planting in northern Kansas is dependent on location.

Sections of northern Kansas fall into three different USDA plant hardiness zones, which are designed to help farmers and gardeners ascertain the ideal time frame for the planting of soybeans and other crops. Does this Spark an idea?

Zone 1

The state of Kansas is covered by four planting zones. All or part of 15 counties in the extreme northwestern part of the state — counties like Cheyenne and Thomas — fall into zone 1, an area where soybeans should be planted between May 10 and June 1.

Zones 2 and 3

A significant number of northern Kansas counties, including Jewell and Mitchell, are in zone 2, a section of the state where soybeans are best planted between May 5 and June 10. Meanwhile, a smaller number of northeastern counties — like Douglas and Shawnee — are situated in zone 3, where soybeans should be seeded between May 15 and June 15.


The National Soybean Research Laboratory cautions that growers should consider more than the date when determining a prime time for the planting of soybeans in Kansas or elsewhere. Soil temperature is the most important factor as soybean seeds require a ground temperature of at least 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit for proper germination.

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