What Majors Are Offered At Csusb

Students can choose from a wide range of academic majors at CSUSB.

California State University at San Bernardino, which is located between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, provides higher education for the expansive region comprising San Bernardino and Riverside counties. CSUSB students can choose from an extensive selection of undergraduate, graduate degree and certificate programs, as the university offers more than 70 majors through its five colleges.

Arts and Letters

CSUSB’s College of Arts and Letters oversees numerous degree programs through its eight departments: English; philosophy; art; communication studies; liberal studies; music; theater, and world languages and literatures. Students can choose from a wide range of majors within these departments, which may in turn include specific tracks of study. For example, English majors may elect to complete their degree with a focus on literature, linguistics or creative writing. Broadly speaking, degrees from the Arts and Letters College provide students with an education based in the arts, languages, and cultures of the world.

Business and Public Administration

The College of Business and Public Administration prepares students for careers in business or government. The college comprises seven academic departments: accounting and finance; information and decision sciences; management; marketing; public administration; master of business administration, and master of public administration. The college offers various concentrations. For example, there are nine concentrations for students pursuing a bachelor of science degree in administration, including accounting, finance or real estate.


CSUSB’s College of Education offers degrees that prepare students to be educators. There are four degree-granting departments within the college, including educational leadership and curriculum; educational psychology and counseling; language, literacy and culture; and science, mathematics and technology education. Majors within the college vary depending on the subject the student would like to teach; the age of children they would like to educate, or whether they are hoping to become an education-related professional such as a counselor.

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Natural Sciences

Due to the wide range of topics and fields related to science, the College of Natural Science is made up of many departments, including biology, chemistry and biochemistry, computer science and technology, geology, health science and human ecology, kinesiology, mathematics, physics, nursing and the Water Resources Institute. The college offers over 25 undergraduate and graduate degrees, many of which offer specific tracks of study. For example, computer science majors can concentrate in bioinformatics, computer engineering or computer science.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences provides educations in academic disciplines that use scientific methods to analyze human behavior, society and history. The college comprises nine departments, including anthropology, criminal justice, economics, geography and environmental studies, history, political science, psychology, social work, and sociology. Students can elect a double major, one of these majors in addition to other degrees, such as a bachelor of arts in human development or human services, which involve completing coursework from various departments.