What Kind Of Rock Is Slate

Because of its strength, slate is often used in the home, such as in the construction of the fireplace.

Slate is a stone that is highly resistant to rain, snow and sun. It comes in a variety of colors, including black and green. Characteristics such as these make slate a popular material for applications inside and outside the home. Does this Spark an idea?


Slate was originally shale, a sedimentary rock. Over time, under extreme heat and pressure, shale changes to slate. Because of this process, geologists classify slate as a low metamorphic rock.


Slate is many millions of years old and thus, simple water plant fossils have been found in slate. Rarely occurring, collectors find these specimens valuable.

Mining of Slate

Slate is formed in mountain areas. It is quarried in the United States in Pennsylvania, Maine, Georgia and Vermont. Whales, Italy and Spain are other areas of the world where slate is mined.


Because slate is sturdy and durable, it has many uses in construction.

Slate can be found in flooring, roofing, paving and other interior decor.

Fun Fact

In the early 1800s, slate was used in chalkboards. It makes an excellent writing material because it is smooth, flat and dark.

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