What Kind Of Jobs Are There For Environmental Science

An environmental science job may have you testing for arsenic in local bodies of water.

Environmental science can be a rewarding field of expertise, but it may be a little tricky figuring out what the optimal job would be for someone with such a degree. There are a variety of jobs that deal with environmental science, ranging from laboratory jobs to occupations that have you working in nature.

Environmental Engineers

An environmental engineer’s job is to solve environmental problems like air pollution and waste disposal. For example, an environmental engineer can design a waste-water treatment system or consult on the environmental effects of an industrial project. Environmental engineers may even work on global issues like climate change or acid rain. Many of them work for architectural and engineering firms, often as consultants. Others work for state and local governments, advising government officials and policymakers on environmental health issues.

Environmental Chemists

Environmental chemistry is a specialized branch of chemistry that often involves work in private or government laboratories. Environmental chemists look at how pollutants impact the environment, and they study how the pollutants affect the air, water and soil, as well as how pollutants may affect humans. It is a profession that requires an extensive scientific background in chemistry, and it requires excellent communication skills, teamwork and the ability to express scientific ideas to people in layman’s terms.

Environmental Technicians

Environmental science and protection technicians collect samples of resources in the environment and test them in a laboratory to determine how much pollution is in the environment and from where it comes. Technicians use advanced testing equipment to measure pollutants in the air, water and soil, and their jobs often entail ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and assisting in cleaning up polluted sites. As a result, governments and scientific firms often employ them.

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Geologists study the earth’s crust and the rocks and minerals found therein. While most people think of the profession as strictly academic, companies often use geologists to look for sources of coal, petroleum and natural gas, as well as in the planning of construction projects and for environmental protection measures. The federal government, colleges and universities and private companies often employ geologists.