What Is A Star Sapphire

The reflection of light in a star sapphire is similar to the sun’s rays.

Star sapphires are gemstones with a distinctive star-like figure in the center of the stone. Most star sapphires are blue in color, getting their color from titanium or iron from the corundum mineral from which they are created. Other star sapphire colors include pink, pale blue, yellow and green. The method used to shape sapphire stones shows off their “asterism” — the special property that gives each gem its star. Does this Spark an idea?

Shaping Method

The “cabochon” shaping method is used to cut most star sapphires. This method creates a rounded surface that is polished, yet not faceted.

Light Effect

The star-like figure that appears in a star sapphire is caused by reflected light that brings out the crystalline structure of the gem stone.

Legs of the Star

Most star sapphires have six legs, although as many as 12 legs have been known to show up in star sapphires. The legs of a star sapphire are generally the same length and are slightly wobbly in appearance. Fake star sapphires, such as those with the letter “L” placed on the bottom of the sapphire, may have legs that appear too perfectly straight.

Measuring Star Sapphires

Just like diamonds, star sapphires are measured in carats. Because sapphires (and rubies) are heavier than diamonds, with a higher specific gravity, a one-carat sapphire is smaller in size than a one-carat diamond.

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