What Is A Player In Dating

When you are part of the dating scene, one type of person you most likely want to avoid is the player. This person can cause confusion among those he or she meets about actual intentions. It may seem like he wants a relationship with you, when in reality, chances are that is not the case. A player may leave a myriad of people hurt because of his actions, especially if they are done in secret.


A player is a person who intentionally plays mind games with those around him or her, specifically those whose attention she is trying to win, even if the attention is only temporary. Instead of focusing her attention on one person, she tries to win the affections of more than one person, usually without any of them knowing about the other.

Not Gender Specific

Despite the term usually associated with a male, the term “player” is not gender specific and can be used to refer to a male or female.


The signs that a person is a player include he or she comes into and vanishes out of your life, avoids the cell phone when in your presence and things just don’t add up as far as where he has been.


A player is usually looking for sex, control and the thrill of the game.

Relationship Status

The person does not have to be single in order to be considered a player. A player can also be someone in a relationship or is married.

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