What Classes Do You Need To Take To Become A Forensic Anthropologist

Identifying people is a forensic anthropologist task.

A forensic anthropologist is an anthropologist who specializes in forensic science to identify and recover human remains. In addition to required classes, students must complete internships, field studies and research projects. A bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master’s or doctorate degree are needed for employment.


Archaeology classes prepare students to do research and analysis. Content areas include archeological theory, statistics, field studies and analysis. Prehistoric analysis is also recommended.


Prehistory classes acquaint students with ancient civilizations throughout the world.


Geology classes prepare students to identify the different types of areas where civilizations exist.


The range of topics for this field include human anatomy and genetics, both human and primate evolution, physical anthropology, religion study and social behaviors. This area will have the heaviest requirement of classes.

Forensic Anthropology

Classes in forensic anthropology prepare students to assist in the identification of human remains and crime scene investigations. Topics covered include bone trauma, mass burial identification, field procedures and body decomposition.

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