What Cities In Georgia Lie On The Emerson Fault

The Emerson Fault is a crack in the earth’s crust from the displacement of rocks in Northeast Georgia and lies at the southern edge of the state’s Ridge and Valley geological region. The Fault stretches from the City of Cartersville to the Georgia-Alabama border. Emerson Fault runs through Bartow and Polk Counties.


The largest city on the Emerson Fault is Cartersville with a population of 15,925 residents, according to the State of Georgia website. This city is on the easternmost tip of Emerson Fault. This city was founded in 1854. Cartersville is home to the Etowah Indian Mounds, which date back to 1,000 A.D., and the Booth Western Art Museum. Cartersville received its name from Colonel Farish Carter, one of the wealthiest plantation owners in North Georgia during the mid-19th century. Cartersville is within 10 minutes of Red Top Mountain State Park and Allatoona Lake.


The nearest city west of Cartersville is Euharlee, located in Bartow County. This city has a 2009 population of over 4,200 residents. This city is on the northern edge of the Emerson Fault. The oldest covered bridge in Georgia, the Euharlee Covered Bridge, crosses over the Euharlee River near the city. The bridge was built in 1889. Adjacent to the Bridge is the Covered Bridge Museum, which features 19th century antiques and ancient Native American artifacts. The Euharlee Covered Bridge is also the inspiration for the Covered Bridge ‘Que Festival, a barbecue food competition in the spring.


Rockmart is a 30-minute drive southwest of Cartersville and lies in the Coosa Valley, which is on the southern edge of the Emerson Fault. This Coosa Valley city is in Polk County, Georgia, and has a population of 4,310, as of 2005. Rockmart is home to several performing arts centers in its downtown district, including the Rockmart Arts Center Theater — a community theater — and the Rockmart Theater, a concert venue. For recreation, Rockmart features the Silver Comet Trail, a converted railway line now used for walking and bicycling.

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Cedartown is less than 20 minutes from the Alabama-Georgia border. This city is the westernmost Georgia town on the Emerson Fault. Cedartown is the largest city in Polk County and serves as the county’s seat of government. As of 2000, this city has approximately 9,500 residents. The city was founded in 1854 and the downtown area features authentic architecture from the 1890s. Downtown Cedartown is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Cedartown hosts the annual Cedar Valley Arts Festival, which occurs on the last weekend in April. The Festival features artwork from local artists and a five-mile run.