What Causes Rainbow Moonstone Cloudiness

A Moonstone is a type of mineral mined in India.

A rainbow moonstone is a mineral: sodium potassium aluminum silicate. Moonstones have a pearlized, opalescent luster, which is the result of light refracting into layers within the stone. Moonstones are not particularly valuable, but they are attractive and frequently used in costume jewelry. Moonstones are available in a variety of colors, including the most valuable variety (blue), orange, brown, yellow and rainbow. The moonstone mineral is found in feldspar, a type of stone mined in Australia, Mexico, the United States, Poland and India. Jewelers takes feldspar and cut it to emphasize the sheen and shimmery qualities of the stone. The best moonstones appear to emit a cloudy “cloak” around the stone, and the most skilled jewelers are practiced at producing this effect. Does this Spark an idea?

Moonstone Construction

Moonstones have a “lamellar” construction, which is one composed of multiple layers of alternating materials. This construction frequently results in a cloudy visual effect.


The moonstone appears cloudy because it has an inner layer that refracts and scatters light. This process is known as “adularisation.” The refracted light creates a cloudy visual effect as a result of light hitting the inner chamber of the moonstone.

Light Reflection

Light rays reflect off the layered composition. The reflected rays trick the eye into believing that the moonstone contains a cloud inside the stone.

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