What Are The Three Important Tools Of Modern Map Making

Maps make it possible to locate geographical locations througout the world.

Map making requires not only precision and talent, but accuracy in order to be an effective tool for the user. Today’s map makers have a variety of tools at their disposal that were not available to map makers decades ago. These tools allow map makers to produce accurate, informative maps at a fraction of the time it took to make centuries past.

Graphic Design Software

The first step in manufacturing accurate maps is to obtain graphic design software. Graphic design software allow map makers to create maps based on specific geological locations and to customize their maps with individual color, size and font preferences. Graphic design software is available for purchase at most office supply stores as well as through online vendors.

Online Distance Calculators

Online distance calculators are another excellent tool that can be used to make maps for personal or professional use. Online distance calculators allow the user to calculate the distance between two specific locations by entering in the city of origin and the city of destination. Most online distance calculators are available for use free of charge on the Internet. Online distance calculators, while usually quite accurate, are best used as a tool for verifying independently researched information and should not be used as the sole source of information when determining the geographic distance between two points.

Geographic Software Programs

Geographic software programs provide excellent tools, allowing map makers to research geographical information for the areas they are mapping and to zero in on geographic locations and obtain details about the location, including specifics such as landmarks and street names. Geographic software programs are available for purchase at most computer software retailers and stores that cater to products for educators. While many of these software programs are also available for use online free of charge, it is important to note that these sites are best used as resource tools to verify information that has been independently researched and not as main sources of facts.

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