What Are The Major Signs Of The Day Of Judgment

The Bible reveals major signs that will procede the Day of Judgment.

The Bible reveals 10, overarching signs that will lead up to an intense period of tribulation, called the Tribulation Period. This period will last seven years, during which God will unleash a series of judgments upon the world, in response to man’s wickedness. This period will culminate with the return of Christ, referred to by many as the Day of Judgment, End of Days or the end of the age.

Signs Preceding the Tribulation Period

Three prophetical signs have been fulfilled: the rebirth of the nation of Israel (Isaiah 66:8-10) in 1948, the return of exiled Jews (Jeremiah 23:7, 8) since 1948 and the end of gentile control over Jerusalem (Luke 21:24), which occurred in 1967.

Seven end-time signs are in the process of being fulfilled: the rise of false prophets and spiritual deception (Matthew 24:5), an endless series of escalating wars (Matthew 24:6), widespread famines (Matthew 24:7-8), outbreaks of pestilences (Matthew 24:7-8), frequent earthquakes (Matthew 24:7-8), growing lawlessness, immorality and violence (Matthew 24:12), and an explosion of knowledge (Daniel 12:4).

These signs are described as birth pains, indicating they will steadily increase in frequency and intensity. Jesus regarded the time just prior to the Tribulation Period as being like “the days of Noah” (Matthew 24:36-39). Noah’s time was characterized by a great wickedness that permeated all of mankind.

Tribulation Signs: The Seven Seals

The Book of Revelation teaches that God’s judgments will be announced in three groups: the breaking of seven seals (6:1-8:5), the sounding of seven trumpets (8:7-11:19) and the emptying of seven bowls (15:1-16:21).

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The signs of the seven seals will include the arrival of a conquering world leader (the Antichrist), wars and bloodshed, famine, pestilence and death, the martyrdom of believers, a great earthquake, a darkened sun, a blood moon, stars falling to earth, the sky tearing apart and the shaking of all islands and mountains. The seventh seal will announce the start of the seven trumpet judgments.

Tribulation Signs: The Seven Trumpets

The signs of the seven trumpets will include hail and fire (mixed with blood) raining down, a burning mountain, the darkening of the sun, a plague of locusts and a plague of demonic horsemen. The seventh trumpet will announce the start of the seven bowl judgments.

Tribulation Signs: The Seven Bowls

The signs of the seven bowls will include painful boils, the sea turning to blood, rivers turning to blood, extreme heat on Earth, darkness, the drying up of the Euphrates River and large hail from heaven.

Following the final bowl judgment, there will be two final signs indicating the end is at hand. First, the city of Babylon will be utterly destroyed (Revelation 17:1-18:24). Second, the remaining armies of the world will assemble in the Valley of Megiddo to launch a large-scale assault on Israel, referred to as the battle of Armageddon. However, Christ will return with his saints prior to the battle to rescue the nation of Israel and destroy the armies of the world, signaling the end of the age and the arrival of the Day of Judgment (Revelation 19:1-21).