What Are The 4 Main Types Of Landforms

What Are the 4 Main Types of Landforms?

There are a variety of different landforms that can be found in many locations. These include mountains, plains, valleys and plateaus. All of them have different identifying characteristics. These landforms can be found all over the world and can exist simultaneously.


Mountains are formed when there is movement in the Earth’s crust. The collision of two plates causes the land to be pushed upwards, resulting in the formation of mountains. They may also be formed as a result of volcanic activity. The basic types of mountains are folded mountains, fault-block mountains, dome mountains and volcanic mountains.


A plane is a low-lying area of land that can range from a height of above 160 meters above sea level to laying many meters below sea level. Planes can be formed by the uplift of sea coast, erosion from glaciers, wind and water.


A plateau is a landform that has a plain crest area and is higher than its surroundings on one side or more. Plateaus can be formed by lava, water erosion, glaciers and wind. Their surfaces are often plain due to erosion.


A valley is an erosional landform that is commonly found in mountainous regions. Valleys can be carved by the flow of rivers as well as the movement of glaciers through already existing spaces. They can be U shaped or V shaped.

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