What Are Five Objectives Of Drilling

Contractors use different shapes of drill spirals depending on the material they wish to drill.

The objective of drilling is to produce a hole in solid material with using a spiral tip. Some drilling projects are very large such as drilling into the earth for mining or building oil wells. Drilling is also done on a smaller scale in the construction and medical fields. Drills come in many different sizes from tiny hand-held manual drills to huge pieces of machinery.


According to the Kansas Geological Survey, the number of new wells drilled in 2010 was 3,121 in Kansas alone.

Oil and natural gas deposits are far below the earth’s surface. Drilling allows people to reach those deposits by making a deep hole in the land then building a well to extract the oil. Drilling is the first step in making a new well after planning. Then a casing is made to cover the inside of the well walls. Finally the pump is built to extract the oil or natural gas. Wells are built both on land and off-shore.


Drilling is required for large-scale landscaping projects such as the construction of new roads and bridges. Construction workers often need to blast through rocky terrain to make a path for the new road. Workers drill a hole into the side of the hill or mountain then place explosives at the end of the hole. Drilling is also used to make a hole in the side of a river bank to secure a bridge.


Another objective of drilling is to excavate tunnels beneath the surface for mining of various natural resources. Similar to the production of oil wells, a large machine drill makes a hole down into the earth then a casing is built to secure the hole. The drill is then used to make the various tunnels needed for the mine.

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Drilling is frequently used in construction to attach parts together on a house, cabinet or other construction project. A hole is made with a hand-held drill, then the pieces are assembled and screwed in place. Household drilling is used to construct tables and other furniture and hang pictures on the wall.

Medical Treatments

The medical industry also uses drilling to complete their tasks. Dentists use drills to file down decayed material on teeth before doing a filling or other procedure. Surgeons sometimes must use a drill to work through bone or other hard bodily material like fingernails.