What Are Chocolate Diamonds

Diamonds are available in a variety of shades, from colorless to deep blues or blacks. The brown-hued, or chocolate diamond, is gaining popularity in jewelry settings today.


Chocolate diamonds range in hue from light champagne to deep chocolate brown. Not to be confused with colored gemstones, these are true diamonds, formed by years of carbon under pressure.


Chocolate diamonds are less expensive than their colorless counterparts. In addition, the unusual contrast makes them highly fashionable. A popular setting includes a large chocolate diamond surrounded by multiple small white diamonds.


Chocolate diamonds are mined in Africa, Australia and Russia. The largest producer of chocolate diamonds is the Argyle Mine in northwestern Australia.


Chocolate diamonds are formed by geological pressure over billions of years. The color of the diamond darkens due to the earth’s pressure at the depth where the diamonds are buried.

Fun Fact

The term “Chocolate Diamonds” is actually a trademarked brand of the famed Le Vian jewelry purveyor.


Be careful while shopping for a chocolate diamond. Unscrupulous jewelers expose lower-grade diamonds to radiation that changes the color to brown. Although the diamonds look authentic, they hold no value and cannot be resold. Always purchase from a reputable jeweler and request a certificate of authenticity.

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