Weekly Camps For Kids Near Lincoln Nebraska

The amazing landscape around Lincoln, Nebraska, makes it fertile ground for weekly kids’ camps.

Lincoln, Nebraska, not only serves as the capital for the state, but is also a popular destination for weekly, day or overnight camps for kids. Many of the programs are found at Lincoln’s historic institutions and museums, while others are at private campgrounds that host some of the best camp activities in the region.

Big Red Summer Academic Camp

Lincoln is the location of the University of Nebraska, which holds dozens of cultural events for the state. During the summer for one week, the University of Nebraska hosts the Big Red Summer Academic Camp, a camp where children, mostly of high school age, can enroll in academic summer programs. Examples may include entrepreneurship, geology or veterinary science.

Camp Kitaki

Camp Kitaki is a summer camp organized by the YMCA of Lincoln. The campgrounds are actually located by the town of Louisville, near Lincoln. All business offices are located in the YMCA of Lincoln. Camp Kitaki has a number of camping events and programs throughout the year, but your child can enroll in a week-long camp program in the summer. The camp organizes each summer camp program by two age groups, ages 7 to 8 and ages 9 to 14.

Ranch Camp

Ranch Camp is a program organized by the YMCA of Lincoln. The camp is held in Western Town, a rustic, 19th century Camp Kitaki theme town. At this one-week camp program, students can enroll in regular-, advanced- or “wrangler-” level experience programs involving horseback riding.

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Young Nebraska Scientists

The Young Nebraska Scientists is a non-profit, educational organization in Lincoln and Omaha. This organization hosts a wide range of week-long camps for interested students who want to learn more about the sciences. Lincoln area students can enroll in weekly camps that are separated between middle and high school students.