Waterfront Properties In Oregon

Much of Oregon’s coastline remains largely undeveloped.

Oregon’s Pacific Coast boasts remarkable landscapes and a wide variety of home properties. This state’s cool average temperatures and properties with just the right amount of remoteness mean Oregon property investors are able to find vacation homes that often pale in price in comparison to California’s high-priced land. The 363 miles of Oregon coastline possesses breathtaking, often dramatic and rocky views and a varied collection of beachfront and cliffside properties.

The Northern Coast

Cannon Beach in northern Oregon.

Astoria, at the very mouth of the Columbia River, was the final destination of Lewis and Clark’s journey across the American West. In addition to its historical significance, it is the northernmost point of Oregon’s coastline. About 25 miles south, a variety of remarkable geological formations attract visitors and second-home buyers, including Haystack Rock, near Pacific City, a variety of tidal pools, and the dramatic Devil’s Punchbowl. Properties from Astoria to Newport benefit as well from their proximity to Portland, Oregon’s largest metropolitan area. At publication, home prices in the area ranged from under $500,000 to over $1.6 million and from $200 to $500 per square foot.

The Middle Coast

An Oregon log cabin at the beach.

The centerpiece of the mid-coast is the area around Florence, Coos Bay and North Bend, and the famous Heceta Head lighthouse. Coos Bay creates a series of inlets and nearby lakes that offer affordable waterfront property. The renowned Bandon Dunes Golf Course also attracts players from around the country. Area real estate values average around $500,000, many featuring values at around $200 per square foot as of publication.

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The Southern Coast

The landscape along the southern Oregon coast is often considered less breathtaking than the north, with fewer cliffs rising over the crashing Pacific tide. Brookings and Gold Beach residents, however, benefit from microclimates that yield warmer average temperatures than the rest of the state enjoys. People are attracted to this area for nearby recreation on the Rogue River and proximity to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Home prices often exceed $2.6 million in this area, or over $600 per square foot, primarily due to proximity to California.

Risks of Owning Beachfront Property

In early 2011, Oregon residents felt the effects of an earthquake with an epicenter on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. The tsunami that devastated Japan spread its way across the ocean, leading to massive evacuations along the Pacific Coast of the United States; that tsunami passed without creating more than a few non-threatening swells; however, the Oregon coastline is susceptible to earthquakes from its proximity to fault lines along with the risk of mudslides from the steep coastal range behind it, high seasonal rainfall, and often very windy conditions. Residents of the Oregon coastline have become increasingly proactive in their preparedness for disaster, however, and remain attracted to the coast for its rugged beauty.