Utah Valley Field Trip Ideas

Utah Valley is located northern, central Utah, about an hour south of Salt Lake City. Thanks to companies such as Novell and WordPerfect, the area enjoys a booming high-tech industry. Brigham Young and Utah Valley Universities are located in this area. There are a variety of things to do here, from outdoors to art. Teachers looking to take their class on a field trip can choose from a variety of educational experiences for their students.

Utah Lake

Take students to Utah Lake to discuss geology and earth science. Utah Lake is a shallow, fresh-water lake located in the center of Utah Valley. All the rivers in the surrounding mountains flow into this lake. The lake then flows into the Jordan River in the north which leads to the Great Salt Lake. Discuss the water cycle, local water and plant life, and the movement of water.

BYU Planetarium

Brigham Young University is located in Utah Valley. They host a public planetarium which gives shows about the stars, planets and galaxies. The planetarium also has telescopes and a plethora of other information about the space beyond our atmosphere. Schedule a private showing for you class or grade of students. Help kids discover the scientific principles taught in books.

Springville Museum of Art

This is Utah’s oldest fine art museum featuring a collection of 2,000 pieces. Most of the artwork, 1500 pieces, is made by Utah artists. The other 500 pieces are made by other American and Soviet artists. Temporary exhibits are shown throughout the year on the main floor of the building. Built in 1937, the Spanish Moroccan structure is a sight to see in itself. Take kids here to discuss the history of Utah art, or to talk about artistic or architectural principles. Take a guided tour, walk with a headset, or let the kids take in the art on their own.

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Thanksgiving Point

This is like an educational, recreational park located in Utah Valley. The park offers a variety of educational experiences for all ages that emphasize quality of life. Develop a field trip with the help of a guide to fit the class’s needs, or download a teacher guide from their site and go independently. Thanksgiving point offers the Thanksgiving Point Gardens, Children’s Discovery Garden, Farm Country and the Museum of Ancient Life. Have fun with the class while teaching them about the history of the world.

Covey Center for the Arts

Take the kid to see a performance at the Covey Center. This facility is home to ballet studios, pianos and theaters. Take a tour of the building so kids learn about the hard work and planning that goes into the productions. There are a variety of shows throughout the year ranging from low- to high-end. Check with the box office for field trip and ticket information.