Urban Colleges In Ohio

The Buckeye State is home to urban schools of higher education.

Ohio, nicknamed the Buckeye State, is home to urban areas such as Cleveland, Akron, Dayton and Cincinnati. Each of these areas has one or more schools of higher learning, including institutions such as the University of Dayton, the University of Cincinnati, the University of Akron, and Case Western Reserve University.

University of Cincinnati

Like its European sister city of Rome, Italy, Cincinnati sits atop seven separate hills, and the Clifton promontory is home to the University of Cincinnati. Founded in 1819, the university had an enrollment of more than 39,000 students as of 2010. According to its website, the university is the top employer in the Cincinnati metro area and annually contributes about $3 billion to the local economy. UC offers degree programs in such fields as chemical or mechanical engineering, the performing arts, chemistry and medicine.

University of Cincinnati

2600 Clifton Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45221



University of Akron

Founded in 1870 and originally named Buchtel College. the University of Akron has a culturally diverse student population of 28,000 that hails from 46 states and 80 foreign countries, according to its website. The university, which is on a 218-acre campus, was founded as a religious college but evolved into a nondenominational private institution. UA offers more than 200 undergraduate degree programs in such areas as art, biology, chemistry, economics, geology, history and physics.

The University of Akron

302 Buchtel Common

Akron, OH 44325



University of Dayton

The University of Dayton was founded in 1850 and was originally named St. Mary’s School for Boys. The university assumed its current name in 1920. According to its website, the university is rated as one of the 10 best Catholic universities in the United States. It is also the largest private university in Ohio. The university offers degree programs in disciplines such as physics, biology, chemistry, geology, history and philosophy.

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University of Dayton

300 College Park

Dayton, OH 45469



Case Western Reserve University

Founded in 1826 and originally named Western Reserve College, Case Western Reserve University was formed in 1967 through its federation with Case Institute of Technology. Its 155-acre campus is about five miles from the center of downtown Cleveland. The institution is known as a major research facility and since its inception has produced 15 Nobel Prize winners. The current student population totals roughly 10,000, and the university offers nearly 200 academic programs including law, the arts, engineering and medicine.

Case Western Reserve University

10900 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44106