Types Of Physical Science Jobs

Physical science includes Earth Science.

Physical science, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, encompasses four broad areas: physics, astronomy, chemistry and Earth sciences. Students who major in physical sciences in college often hope to become teachers, professors or researchers within their fields. Specific fields of study bring different job titles and a physical science major brings many choices for the student.


Biologists study all types of life.

Biologists study life and the basics of what creates life. Jobs listed under the physical science of biology include plant geneticists, biologists specific to certain animal life or marine biologists. A biologist may also branch out to become an interdisciplinary ecologist or environmental scientist. Biologists are requested all over the world, in many universities, and may become teachers to high school students.


Many chemists become researchers, though not all chemists conduct research. Chemists hold job titles such as biochemists, consumer product chemist, forensic chemist, geochemist, oil and petroleum chemist or polymer chemist. A portion of chemists work in labs, however, some chemists work outside in the field or as consultants or purchasers. Chemists are also in high demand within high schools as secondary teachers. Since chemistry tests the reaction of different elements combined with other elements, a chemistry degree offers many different options.


Geologists study the Earth and planets, including rocks, layers of Earth, volcanic ash or materials from other planets such as the moon or Mars. Some job titles for a geologist include atmospheric scientists, engineering geologists, environmental geologists, glacial geologists and meteorologists. Many types of geologists work outside and in close vicinity to dirt or rocks. A student interested in the atmosphere, planets and construction of the Earth will enjoy a job in geology.

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The duties of a physicist include, but are not limited to, design and manufacturer of lasers, development of standards for acceptable concentrations of radioisotopes and analyzing uses for electro-optical devices. A physicist’s title may be cyclotron specialist, measurement engineer, software engineer or technician. A person who enjoys studying and controlling lasers or circuitry will find pleasure in a physicist’s career.