Toxicology Job Description

Toxicology Job Description

Toxicology is the study of how poisons affect animals, people and the environment. Some of these studies include measuring water quality and checking soil contamination. People who study toxicology are called toxicologists. Employment opportunities include research, regulatory affairs and academic settings.


Basic duties include studying different types of poisons such as asbestos, mercury and lead. Toxicologists are responsible for analyzing and presenting research findings to organizations and academic personnel.


Toxicologists can specialize to gain more job responsibility and higher income. Some of these specializations include veterinary, risk assessment and forensic toxicologists.


Educational requirements include at least two years of study after receiving a bachelor in science, and many toxicologists have doctoral degrees. Graduate toxicology courses include environmental science, pharmacology, molecular biology and biochemistry.

Working Conditions

Toxicologists can find work at government agencies and research foundations. Some of these work environments are sterile and indoors, while other environments require working outside to collect samples.

Salary and Growth Opportunities

According to the Society of Toxicology, entry-level doctoral job applicants receive salary offers ranging from $35,000 to $60,000 per year with rapid advancement. Job opportunities include positions as corporate executive toxicologists and as college toxicology professors.

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