Topo Maps Compatible With Garmin

Topography maps provide information on nearby lakes, elevation and other natural features.

GPS devices have become more widely used over the past decade due to their useful features for travelers who are exploring by vehicle or by foot. Some GPS makers also allow you to use TOPO maps to help you navigate. TOPO maps, or topography maps, provide detailed information about natural and manmade features. If you are using a Garmin GPS, there are several TOPO maps you can add to your GPS.

U.S. National Parks West 24K TOPO Map

One TOPO map which Garmin lets you install on your GPS device is the U.S. National Parks West 24K TOPO map. This map covers the western states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. The map has a 1 to 24,000 scale and specializes in information on national parks, national forests and major state parks. When using the U.S. National Parks West 24K TOPO map you will have access to information on points of interest, park amenities, park boundaries, visitor centers, camping and picnic areas, wilderness campsites and ranger stations.

U.S. TOPO 100K Map

The U.S. TOPO 100K map covers all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico using a 1 to 100,000 scale. If you are interested in hiking or backpacking, this map provides information on summit locations, lakes and rivers, wetlands, parks, campgrounds, lookouts, trails and has the ability to estimate hiking difficulty. Additionally, the map allows you to search by city, geographic point, city neighborhoods, highways, interstates and also provides information on coastlines and perennial and seasonal streams.

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TOPO Canada Map

Garmin also produces a TOPO map for Canada that you can upload to your GPS device. The TOPO Canada map has two different scale ratios of 1 to 250,000 and 1 to 50,000. For people who spend a lot of time outdoors, this map is useful because it has information on terrain contours, elevation, summits, peaks, geographic points, lakes, rivers, coastlines, shorelines, wetlands and perennial and seasonal stream. The map also has the ability to search by city and points of interest.

TOPO Great Britain Map

The TOPO map for Great Britain is made up of information that is provided by the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain. For those who travel outdoors or do a lot of hiking the map provides information on summit locations, elevation, lakes, detailed contours, trip points and the map also has the ability to estimate hiking difficulty and search by city and geographic point.