The Types Of Careers For A Science Major

Jobs in science fields

Completing an undergraduate science degree can provide a competitive advantage when entering an advanced degree program or obtaining a job. Individuals can choose different science majors such as chemistry, biology, environmental sciences or zoology. Some science majors seek work in hospitals, research facilities or independent laboratories. Other science majors seek employment opportunities in government agencies.

Clinical Research Coordinators

Clinical research coordinators provide administrative support to research departments. Some duties include assisting physicians with patient screenings, collecting laboratory reports and following up on clinical patients. Employers seek applicants with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in science such as biology. Clinical research coordinators find work in different environments, including hospitals, research facilities and cancer centers. The Simply Hired Job Search shows an April 2010 report of average annual salary of $52,000.

Food Chemists

Food chemists are science professionals involved in testing food and beverage samples, performing food experiments and writing the results of each experiment. Some food chemists perform supervisory duties such as training food interns. Employers seek a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry or chemistry. Food chemists can find work in laboratories and food manufacturing companies. The Simply Hired Job Search shows an April 2010 report with average annual earnings of $52,000.

Laboratory Technicians

Laboratory technicians are responsible for maintaining equipment, completing laboratory tests and helping senior scientists with quality control. Employers seek applicants with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biochemistry or general science. Some work environments include medical research institutions, independent laboratories and academic settings, including colleges. The Simply Hired Job Search shows an April 2010 report with average annual wages of $35,000.

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Zoologists study animals in laboratory settings and nature. Some duties include monitoring animal behavior patterns, collecting data and preparing laboratory reports. Entry-level field technician positions require a bachelor’s degree in zoology. Positions in teaching or researching requires a master’s or doctorate degree. Work environments include wildlife environments, zoos and government agencies. The Career Builder Salary shows an April 2010 report with an average annual salary of $55,000.