The Advantages Of Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering handles the production, exploration and refinement of petroleum.

Petroleum engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on producing and obtaining crude oil and natural gas. Specifically, this field deals with the production, refinement and regulation of hydrocarbons for worldwide use. Due to the wide expanse of responsibilities, petroleum engineering involves expertise from chemistry, geology and geophysics. The advantages of petroleum engineering are profound, because petroleum serves as an important energy source.

Optimization of Oil

One of petroleum engineering’s greatest advantages lies in maximizing the amount of oil and gas obtained. Using geology, mathematics and physics, these engineers must understand the nature of oil in reservoir rock. Petroleum engineering optimizes oil product through proper well placement, regulating production levels and using state-of-the-art oil recovery techniques. Much of the reservoir analysis is accomplished through sophisticated computer modeling to predict the best location for the well site, as well as proper drilling technique.

Exploration of Oil Deposits

Another major advantage for petroleum engineering is its focus to find and utilize new petroleum deposits throughout the world. As the human population grows with each passing year, industrial demand for petroleum products increases. Finding new oil deposits will help fulfill energy demands and fuel continual growth. Using modeling equipment as well as geological sensors, petroleum engineers are able to detect oil deposits both underground and underneath the ocean.

Safe Drilling

Because the petroleum industry hires thousands of workers to man the drilling stations, petroleum engineering also must ensure safe protocol and procedure. Drilling engineers specialize in the technical aspects of drilling wells to maintain proper safety standards. By working closely with drilling contractors, service personnel and geologists, these drilling engineers plan and carry out the petroleum well drilling process. Maintaining high degrees of safety and regulation enables each well site to maximize its product and to protect its workers from harm.

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Perhaps the most important advantage of petroleum engineering is the final product obtained–petroleum. Petroleum has a wide variety of uses, ranging from fuel to lubricants. As of 2011, the world relies heavily on petroleum fuels as the energy source for transportation. Petroleum engineering is valuable because it discovers and obtains the world’s most valuable fuel. However, with oil deposits decreasing due to excessive demand, alternative solutions and technologies must be developed to maximize petroleum production.