Teaching Ideas For Earth Science

Planet Earth is a beautiful and interesting place.

The subject of Earth Science involves learning about all the sciences related to the planet Earth. Thus, it is a very important element of teaching a well-rounded grade school education. But sometimes, Earth Science can be a boring subject for younger children. That is why you should try to engage them with fun and exciting activities that will help them learn about our planet.

Alien Pen Pals

Once your class has a decent understanding of the subject material, assign them the task of being pen pals with an alien. This will be their first letter to their pen pals, and they must inform them about planet Earth. They can use all the information they have learned to properly describe the planet Earth. This assignment is sure to grab their attention and will help them develop their brainstorming and writing skills at the same time.

Making a Compass

Help your students make their own compass in class. This task will teach them how a compass works and use it properly. In addition, you can concurrently teach them about the properties of the Earth’s magnetic field. This assignment is fun, exciting and helps them learn about an important aspect of the planet Earth.


Tsunamis are one of the most destructive natural disasters on Earth. Teach your students about their destructive power by having them build a replica scale model. First, have them build a small scale village or port city. Then, build a scale model of a tsunami out of construction paper next to the village. By visualizing the height of the tsunami, your students will have a greater appreciation for how powerful the ocean can be. This activity would best be assigned during the section on natural disasters.

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Save Our Earth

Assign this interesting assignment during a section on environmental protection. Have your students research a current problem with our environment or pollution output. This can include anything from global warming, to sea levels rising, to deforestation. Then, have them present a persuasive oral report to the class trying to get them to help solve the problem being discussed. This assignment can help lead to great group discussions with input on multiple issues. Also, try not to let multiple students speak on the same subject. Some problems, such as global warming, are very popular and do not need to be discussed multiple times.