See The Only Manmade Geyser

Old Faithful is a natural geyser.

Soda Springs, Idaho, is a little town in Caribou County and is home to the only man-made geyser. The geyser, created by accident in 1937, is a carbon dioxide, cold-water geyser now maintained by a timer, and erupts on the hour, every hour. The town is on the historic Oregon Trail, on the other side of the majestic Teton Mountains from Yellowstone National Park. Since the geyser spouts cold water, you can get closer to it than to Old Faithful or any of the other geysers in Yellowstone. There is no charge for viewing the geyser or for parking. Since it is located in downtown Soda Springs, you don’t have to worry about wild animals. But you’d better pay attention to which direction the wind is blowing if you don’t want to get wet.


1. From Pocatello, Idaho, take I-15 South to exit 47. Take a left and follow Highway 30 for 35 miles until you reach Soda Springs, Idaho. If traveling north on I-15, take exit 47 and make a right onto Highway 30.

2. Turn left onto Main Street, and take a left into the parking lot just before the railroad tracks. The actual address is 39 West 1st South.

3. Pick a spot to watch the geyser erupt.

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