Offshore Drilling Schools

Offshore drilling schools are found all over the world. One of the best schools is in Spain, while others are in the United State, Canada and the United Kingdom. The schools train students in different jobs on the offshore oil rig and cover drilling techniques and managing drilling operations.

Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd.

The Maritime Drilling Schools Limited (Ltd.) is located in Nova Scotia and has 30 years experience in training offshore oil workers. One of its training courses teaches the skills needed to become a Floorman (Roughneck). The Roughneck course includes general labor duties on an oil rig and servicing oil and gas wells. Maritime Drilling School also offers a course in Advanced Drilling Technology, a 12-month program with a final examination on drilling techniques.

Malaga Drilling School

The Malaga Drilling School is based in Malaga, Spain; it provides classes in English and Spanish, as well as in other languages. The Malaga Drilling School provides courses in well control, well capping, basic drilling techniques and equipment, directional drilling and other offshore drilling procedures. Along with the procedural courses, the school offers advanced drilling technology for more experienced oil rig workers.

Murchison Drilling Schools

The Murchison Drilling Schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico, specializes in training foremen and supervisors. This offshore drilling school has a course in operations drilling for every level of worker from the assistant driller to the drilling supervisor. The advanced drilling course is for highly-skilled workers such as toolpushers, foremen, superintendents and engineers. Murchison’s courses are recognized by companies worldwide.

Aberdeen Drilling Schools

The Aberdeen Drilling Schools has training centers in Scotland, Kuwait and the United States. The training programs concentrate heavily on practical experience by providing students with hands-on projects. The courses include pressure control of the wells and well-servicing procedures; there are customized courses for employees of the BP and Shell corporations. The school provides certificate and non-certificate classes for every level of worker.

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