Mitigate A Natural Disaster

Volcanoes are just one of the natural disasters you can mitigate.

A natural disaster has the potential to cause untold physical and psychological damage, damage that could be lessened with some preparation if you feel you are in an area that is vulnerable to a destructive act of nature. All disasters offer their own challenges and, consequently, different ways to mitigate them beforehand, but there are a few general steps of mitigation you can take to protect yourself against the most common natural disasters you may face living in the U.S.


1. Teach children when and call 911. This is a vital mitigation strategy for any potential disaster. Whether you suffer at the hands of a tornado, earthquake or heavy flooding, there might be a situation where a child is the only person able to call the authorities–ensure that the child knows do it.

2. Purchase supplies that will become invaluable in case of a natural disaster. These include clean, bottled water and tinned goods with lengthy expiry dates. If a natural disaster rocks your home and neighborhood, these supplies will be exceedingly useful.

3. Develop an emergency communication plan in case of separation. The most commonly used method is to decide on a landmark or location where the family would meet in case of separation–a very real threat in the pandemonium of, for example, an earthquake.

4. Teach everyone in the household the appropriate way to react to the disaster. For example, if an earthquake occurs, you should look for shelter under a strong stanchion–such as a door frame–somewhere in the house. During a flood, head for high ground and avoid walking through flood water. During a hurricane or tornado, secure buildings by closing and boarding up windows.

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