Mathematics Scholarships For High School Students

Math majors also qualify for some science scholarships.

You want to transform your love of math into a college degree and then a career, but college isn’t cheap. High school is the perfect time to be thinking about funding your college education. Fortunately, scholarships are available to exceptional high school students who wants to major in math.

Federal SMART Grants

The Federal National Science and Math Access to Retain Talent (SMART) Grants are need-based grants that provide assistance to freshman and sophomore college students. You start preparing for this grant in high school by taking on a more rigorous curriculum; that is one of the requirements. You must also be eligible for the regular Federal Pell Grant, meet the income requirements and be accepted to a two- or four-year college or university. After getting approved for the grant and starting college, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA in a math or science major to remain eligible for it. The award amounts are $750 for your first year, $1,300 for the second year and $4,000 for the two years after that, as of 2011.

SWE Golden Gate Section Scholarship

The Society of Women Engineers’ (SWE) Golden Gate section offers a scholarship to graduating high school seniors who will major in mathematics, computer science, engineering or physical science in college. The scholarship is only available to female students, since the SWE is a women’s organization. Other requirements include being accepted into a four-year college or university and living in the Golden Gate section of California. Apply by sending in your application and documents before the deadline date, which is usually some time in April. Scholarship recipients are selected based on references, financial need, extracurricular activities, academic achievement and their personal essay. The SWE Golden Gate Section gives out 10 to 15 $1,000 awards each year, as of 2011.

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Edison Scholars Program

The Edison Scholars Program is another scholarship program for high school students who plan to seek a mathematics degree in college. The scholarship is open to public and private high school seniors who have at least a 2.8 GPA. You must also be already accepted to a college or university and plan to be enrolled full time for the award year. The Edison Scholars Program is only open to students who have already taken the ACT or SAT exam. The award amount is $2,500 each year as of 2011, and is renewed annually.

SEG Foundation Scholarship

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) started a scholarship program in 1956 for high school seniors planning to attend college the following fall. To qualify, you must be interested in mathematics, geosciences, physics, earth and environmental sciences or geology. The applicants are evaluated based on their academic merit. Apply by filling out the online application found on the SEG Foundation’s website. Deadline dates and award amounts vary, but the average award amount is $2,500, as of 2011.