Make A Mountain Scenery Craft

You can make realistic-looking mountain scenery from plaster.

Model trains, table top games, plays, school projects and home movies can all use mountain scenery. But no matter the purpose, the process for making the scenery is the same. The only difference between small and large mountain crafts is the scale. This project will take several days, so allow yourself plenty of time to construct the scenery.


1. Make the base shape for the mountain scenery with a grease pencil. Outline on the base board what final size and shape you want the mountains to have. If you are building the scenery for a train set, draw the lines onto the train board. For plays or other projects where you will need scenery, cut out the shapes from cardboard.

2. Crumple up pieces of newspaper into tight balls. Use tape if necessary to hold the balls together. Make fist-sized balls for train scenery and basketball sized balls for larger scenery.

3. Stack the newspaper up to create the mountain shapes. Fold or flatten the paper as desired to create the shape you desire. Use more tape to hold the mountain scenery base in place.

4. Cut the plaster bandages into 12-inch long strips for train scenery, or 36 inch strips for larger scenery. Soak the bandages in water to activate the plaster. Squeeze out the excess water and lay it over the mountain shapes. Try to retain the shape of the mountain as much as possible. Allow the plaster to dry for 24 hours.

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5. Mix the dental plaster with enough water to create a thin paste. Apply the paste over the mountain shapes with a putty knife. Leave the plaster rough, to give the scenery a more realistic appearance. Allow the paste to dry for 24 hours.

6. Paint the mountain scenery with acrylic paints to make it look like a mountain range. Add any synthetic grass or rubble to the mountain scenery as desired. Use spray adhesive to hold these elements in place.