List Of Badges For Webelos

Webelos Scouts graduate to become Boy Scouts upon earning 20 Activity Badges.

The Webelos Scouts are boys transitioning from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. For Webelos Scouts, this transitional period consists of earning 20 so-called Activity Badges, which are divided and equally dispersed among five categories. The Physical Skills, Mental Skills, Community, Technology and Outdoor groups each contain four activity sets, and the satisfactory completion of these activities is what earns a Webelos Scout his badges.

Physical Skills Group

The Physical Skills group contains four Activity Badges — the Aquanaut, Athlete, Fitness and Sportsman badges. The Aquanaut badge is earned when a Webelos Scout completes a series of water- and swimming-related tasks. The Athlete badge is earned when a Webelos Scout completes tasks related to running, jumping and perseverance. The Fitness badge differs from the Athlete Badge in that earning it requires the completion of a diet and exercise log in addition to other tasks related to maintaining one’s overall health. The Sportsman badge is earned when a Webelos Scout participates in two competitive team sports.

Mental Skills Group

The Artist, Scholar, Showman and Traveler badges are the Activity Badges in the Mental Skills group. To earn the Artist badge, a Webelos Scout must produce an artistic work and display his knowledge of artistic processes. The Scholar badge is earned when a Webelos does well in school and participates in a school service or activity. For the Showman badge, the scout must put on a puppet show, try a musical instrument, and read, see or take part in a play. For the Traveler badge, the scout must plan and take a trip (with his parents) using maps and similar traveling resources.

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Community Group

The Citizen, Communicator, Family Member and Readyman badges comprise the activity sets in the Community group. A Webelos Scout earns the Citizen badge by displaying knowledge of his duties and rights as a citizen and by displaying knowledge about government and law enforcement. For the Communicator badge, a Webelos must learn about and display knowledge of various communication methods. To earn the Family Member badge, the scout must make a household chores list, draft a family budget and plan and attend family meetings. The Readyman badge is earned when the scout displays his knowledge of safety and first aid procedures.

Technology Group

The Technology Groups consists of the Craftsman, Handyman, Engineer and Scientist badges. The Craftsman badge is earned when the Webelos Scout displays knowledge of various tools and use them, and when he builds something, such as a picture frame, from raw materials. A Webelos earns the Handyman badge when he fixes or cleans something, or both — washing a car, changing a tire, replacing a light bulb, for example. The Engineer badge can be earned when the scout talks with an engineer or construction worker, visits a construction site, and displays knowledge about electricity. A Webelos earns the Scientist badge by learning various laws of science and displaying knowledge about the atmosphere and other various earth science topics, especially those relating to weather.

Outdoor Group

The last group, or Outdoor Group, consists of the Forester, Geologist, Naturalist and Outdoorsman badges. For the Forester badge, a Webelos Scout has to draw a map of the United States and display knowledge of trees and other forest-related topics. The Geologist badge is earned when the scout displays knowledge of geologic processes, including mineral and rock formation, and visits a geological site. A Webelos earns the Naturalist badge when he collects and studies insects, sets up and cares for an aquarium, and learns about and displays knowledge of wild animals. The Outdoorsman badge can be earned when the scout displays his knowledge of camping (or survival) techniques and goes hiking.

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