Interactive Educational Games

Students can practice spelling skills, math skills and more with interactive educational games.

Flashy, interactive online games appeal to children, and they can hold their attention for long periods of time. Give your students a list of interactive educational games that allow them to learn and develop important skills while having fun. You can find a wide variety of free games for children of all ages. Players can work on their math and language skills, test their geography or history knowledge, and develop logic and memory skills.

Fun Brain Interactive Games

Funbrain offers interactive educational games for elementary school kids. In “Math Baseball,” players have to answer a math problem to “swing” the bat. If your answer is correct, you’ll get a base hit. Depending on the difficulty level of the question you answer correctly, you earn single, double-triple or home-run hits. Choose from several different levels and types of problems. “The Grammar Gorillas” game requires players to identify parts of speech. Correctly identify the parts of speech to win bananas for the gorillas. Play with nouns and verbs or with all parts of speech. In “Scramble-Saurus,” you can help a dinosaur with poor spelling skills to unscramble vocabulary words in a wide variety of school subjects, including geography, geology, organic chemistry, World War II history, composers and more. Other Funbrain games include “The Plural Girls,” “Mathcar Racing,” “Proton Don” and “Spell-a-Roo.”

Prongo Games and Quizzes

Prongo offers a wide variety of educational games for children ages 3 to 6. In the “Farm Stand Math Game,” players add up the prices of goods, such as eggs and tomatoes. The “Copy Cat Jack” game helps children develop their memories and logical thinking. Players have to repeat a series of colors in the order given by the game. Colors are accompanied with sounds. The “Stock Market Game” teaches players about stock trading, and about the fluctuating values of individual stocks. Prongo also offers a variety of free quiz games about dinosaurs, outer space, inventors and more.

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Scholastic Activities and Interactive Learning

Scholastic’s Web resource for teachers offers a long list of educational activities and games. Children can come up with ideas for their own myths with the “Myths Brainstorming Machine,” or use the “Poetry Idea Engine” to get inspired to write their own poems. In “Clean Up Your Grammar,” players wander up and down a beach and put bad grammar in the trash can. The “Edit Dan’s Copy” game helps players learn to revise punctuation mistakes, false capitalization and other typos. Students learn about Greek root words that are common in the English language with the “It’s Greek to Me” Olympics game. Players learn about how ecosystems work with the “Build a Food Web” game, in which players have to decide which animals are predators and which are prey in a given ecosystem. Other Scholastic games deal with geography, dinosaurs, American history and more.