Geology Games For Kids

A rock hunt can be a fun geological learning opportunity.

Geology is a science that can captivate kids. Children have a love of rocks that can keep them entertained for hours. If you are interested in some cheap, educational geology fun for you kids, there are many games you can put together. Some can be found online and in books, or there are others designed to be educational learning games, such as those by LeapFrog and GeoSafari.

Identify Rock Types

Children are fascinated by rocks-they like to look at different shapes, colors and sizes. An educational game kids can enjoy is a game in which they have to identify rocks. You can mix up this activity a couple of ways. One idea is to blindfold them and provide rocks for them to identify by touch. Or try the reverse, and have them identify by sight alone. Identifying rock games can be found online at Geology for Kids under the heading “Rock Types Games.”

Geology Puzzles

Another game for kids interested in geology are puzzles with the words or clues that are specific to geological terms. Crossword puzzles and word find puzzles help children develop familiarity and conceptual understanding of geologic terms. Puzzles can be found in books or online. One site that offers free geology puzzles is Mini Me Geology.

Rock Hunt

Many children have a rock collection at some point. Helps your kids expand theirs by going on a rock hunt. You can leave the hunt open-ended in your objective, or you can make a list of rocks to find and turn it into a scavenger hunt. Be creative and you can try many exciting hunts to keep the kids entertained.

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