Flowers Native To Maryland

Hardy hibiscus flowers are native to Maryland.

Maryland’s extensive coastal areas are home to numerous native plants. Maryland’s native flowers particularly thrive in the state’s coastal, riverbank and wetland areas. Some plants remain native to the state, while others have spread to locations across the country. Maryland’s native flower plants vary widely in color, size and habitat, but all produce beautiful flowers. Does this Spark an idea?

Blue Flag (Iris Versicolor)

The Blue Flag has large, sword-like leaves that will grow up to about 3 feet in height. It is an herbaceous plant, meaning its roots are submerged below the waterline. The blue flag produces large blue or violet-blue flowers that bloom from May to July. The flowers have three petals and are often yellow in their centers. Blue flag flowers are mainly used in floral displays and are valued for their bright colors. They grow in the riverbank areas of eastern Maryland.

Hardy Hibiscus (Hibiscus Moscheutos)

The Hardy hibiscus produces very large, white flowers with red centers that bloom in the spring. Its leaves are gray-green. This plant is classified as an annual subshrub. The hardy hibiscus is a herbaceous plant that grows along riverbanks in Maryland.

Fragrant Water Lily, nymphaea odorata

The Fragrant Water Lily is renowned for its scent.

The fragrant water lily is a perennial flower and the only lily that is native to Maryland. It produces white flowers that grow from the lily pads and is found growing in Maryland’s ponds and slow-moving streams. The fragrant water lily is a member of the Nymphaeaceae family and is renowned for its beautiful scent.

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Lotus Lily (Nelumbo Lutea)

The lotus lily has small, pale yellow flowers. It is a perennial flower that blooms in the summer and is a member of the Nelumbonaceae family. It has green leaves and brown seeds. Although mostly used for its beauty in gardens and bouquets, the lotus lily can be used as an edible flower in food decorations. It grows in the wetlands of Maryland.

New England Aster (Aster Novae-angliae)

The New England Aster can grow up to six feet tall.

The New England aster is a shrub-like plant that produces an abundance of purple, feathery flowers with yellow centers that bloom for two to three months in the fall. It ranges anywhere from 2.5 to 6 feet and has hairy leaves. Its many flowers grow to be about 1.5 inches wide, and a single plant can produce 40 or more flowers. The New England aster is used as a wildlife cover by gardeners and naturally grows on prairies, along roadsides and in the wetlands. It is a member of the Asteraceae family.

Cardinal Flower (Lobelia Cardinalis)

The perennial cardinal flower produces bright red flowers that are favorites of hummingbirds. It is a member of the Campanulaceae family and grows up to 6 inches tall. The flowers are tubular shaped with irregular lips and tiny white tips at the end of the very bright red petals. The cardinal flower is renowned for its beauty, but is also prized for its many medicinal uses by Native Americans, such as treating fever sores, cramps, upset stomachs and even typhoid fever, according to the USDA.

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Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia Virginica)

Despite its name, the Virginia Bluebell is native to Maryland.

The Virginia Bluebell is native to Maryland, but now grows extensively across the eastern United States. It produces a pale blue to striking blue flower that hangs down from the plant like a bell. The Virginia Bluebell grows on a single stem, although it will branch off into several different flowers. It blooms in the spring, and is a member of the Boraginaceae family. This beautiful flower is a favorite in gardens and bouquets.