Doctorate Programs In Georgia

The state of Georia has a number of colleges for students interested in obtaining a doctorate degree.

While a number of career opportunities are available to individuals who hold either an undergraduate or graduate degree, some fields do require a doctorate degree in order to advance to the next level. Careers such as scientific research and some college faculty positions require a higher level of education. A number of schools throughout the United States offer doctorate degree programs in addition to undergraduate and graduate programs, including multiple colleges in the state of Georgia.

University of Georgia

The Graduate School at the University of Georgia is responsible for administering all degrees higher than the undergraduate level for the school, including 95 doctorate degree programs. Students have the opportunity to partake in professional development seminars, teaching portfolio programs and continuing education certificate programs, while completing their studies. Doctoral degree programs include the fields of education, economics, science, nutrition, the arts, engineering, business administration, biology, chemistry, clinical and administrative pharmacy, computer science, psychology, geology, health promotion and behavior, linguistics, mathematics, music, pharmacology, sciences, and sociology. Financial assistance programs are available.

University of Georgia

The Graduate School

320 E. Clayton Street, Suite 400

Athens, Georgia 30602


Emory University

Doctoral degrees offered by Emory University are administered by the Laney Graduate School and combine studies between Emory University and Georgia Tech. The school also provides students with opportunities for research through both Emory and partnering universities. The doctoral degree programs are a combination of faculty from different schools, departments and disciplines. Degree options include the fields of biomedical engineering, biological and biomedical services, religion, liberal arts, psychology, and women’s studies. Financial assistance programs are available.

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Emory University

Laney Graduate School

201 Dowman Drive

Atlanta, GA 30322


Georgia State University

Doctoral degree programs at Georgia State University are available in a variety of fields; they’re administered by the specific college offering the degree program. The university offers over 250 fields of study, many of which are available at the graduate and doctorate level. Fields of study include accounting, linguistics, education, biology, chemistry, communications, computer science, psychology, criminal justice, economics, English, history, marketing, mathematics, nursing and physics. Financial aid is available for qualified students.

Georgia State University

P.O. Box 3965

Atlanta, GA 30302