Convert Miles Walked Into Steps Taken

Everyone has a personal average step length.

Being able to judge the distance you have walked, based on how many steps you have taken, is an important navigational skill. Maps show topography, but when clear waypoints and features are missing, it can be difficult to estimate your position “on the ground” unless you know how far you have traveled from the last known position. Once the length of an average step is known, both the distance walked and the number of steps taken can be calculated. The math is simple, but you must already know the length of your average step.


1. Enter the number of miles into a calculator. Some calculators allow the entry of values in miles and feet; others require the value as miles and decimal parts of a mile. Check that the entered value is correct.

2. Multiply the distance by 5,280, the number of feet in a mile. The result is the distance expressed in feet.

3. Divide the distance obtained in Step 2 by the length of your average step, expressed in feet. The result is the distance expressed as the number of average steps taken.

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