Apply To Graduate Schools With A Low Gpa

While getting accepted to graduate school with a low grade point average (GPA) is difficult, it is far from impossible. Many students with low GPAs are accepted all the time. By using good marketing skills, an applicant can easily use other positive qualities as a way to detract from a low GPA and get accepted into graduate school.


1. Make sure minimum GPA criteria are met. Contact the school to find out what the minimum GPA is in order to be admitted.

2. Ace the GMAT or GRE. Getting a high score on the standardized tests can offset a low GPA. Make sure to study hard for these tests, as the score will be important. Taking the prep classes that are offered for the test being taken is a good idea.

3. Highlight positives. On the application, focus on the good. Volunteering, professional experience and projects are great ways to show off other assets.

4. Get letters of recommendation. Professional references and letters from professors look great when accompanying an application. These references should be overwhelmingly positive, stating why the candidate would be a good fit in the graduate program.

5. Consider taking undergraduate courses to raise the GPA. If all else fails, take some undergraduate courses to get grades up. Acing a few classes will help with the grade point issues and in the process a new interest may be found.

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